Boundary Disputes

At O’Brien Mapping we have the experience and expertise to deal with your property boundary issue, property boundary dispute, boundary issue and or boundary dispute or boundary disputes. Since the introduction of the common law system, precedent case law has been a core element of its existence. Due to the high number of boundary surveys conducted as part of boundary disputes during the past number of years, research of Irish High Court case law judgments delivered in the past ten years on property boundary disputes was identified.

Research conducted by O’Brien Mapping has shown they are on the increase. See our publication pages for more information.

O’Brien Mapping can deal and assist you with Planning Permission, Land Transfer/Title, Boundary Issues, Property Issues, Boundary issues, Adverse Possession and Right of Way issues and cases.

O’Brien Mapping can assist in Neighbour Negotiating between the parties directly over a boundary and is likely to be the best way to resolve disputes with little cost involved in comparison to a dispute with your neighbour where litigation is involved.

Boundary disputes can be resolved through negotiations before or after litigation. In fact resolving a boundary dispute in court should only be a last resort O’Brien Mapping suggest that boundary disputes should only go to court is it is over a natural resource. What is imperative to to get experts who understand mapping and the legal entities these map contain.

O’Brien Mapping has the knowledge and experience and expertise to deal with all boundary issues and property disputes.