See below to find out more about 3D Modelling and Floor Plan by O’Brien Mapping.

Please see above example of internal & external of the 3D Model completed by O’Brien Mapping.

We are driving innovation in the property market through 3D Modelling & Floor Plan through our laser camera technology, or as we call it – The Google Street view of Residential and Commercial Property! An example of a survey completed by O’Brien Mapping that can be seen on Google Map can be seen here.

The technology provides:

  • a 3D-360 visual walk through (3D Showcase) of residential and commercial property;
  • accurate 2D Schematic Floor Plans for property;
  • greater cost-effective surveying methods with a turnaround time of 2-3 days.

In addition we offer:

  • Image Snapshots
  • Highlight Reels or Guided Tours
  • Mattertag Posts
  • Virtual Reality (for OSi and Android devices)

This technology has already seen us work as a trusted partners such as, Real Estate Agencies, Insurance companies, the Hospitality sector, Architectural firms, Retail and Government Agency’s throughout Ireland on Commercial Properties and Residential properties.

A visual walk through demonstration of how it works really showcases the quality, interactivity, value and impact of the service that we are bringing to the market and would also allow us to discuss in more detail the potential opportunities that exist. Floor plans can be give in square feet and or square metres.

In addition, the output of the product for you can be used for integration with Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Revit along with complete asset collection (3D tour, High-Res 2D photos, floorplans, and more.

In addition to using Matterport, O’Brien Mapping uses the Leica BLK360 for larger and outside areas.

The wonderful advantage of the 3D Modelling is that is is not just for Construction and Real Estate, it is a wonderful tool to create more engagement with your clients with virtual 3D tours.
Example of Office Floor Plan
Example of Residential Floor Plan

O’Brien Mapping is proud to be a a Service Partner with Matterport.

Please contact Daragh ( or for any more information on the 3D Modelling Technology and Floor Plan.