Chartered Surveyors

The Leading Suppliers of Boundary Surveying & Legal Mapping in Ireland


OBM advocate that all property boundaries should be recorded, mapped and surveyed accurately to ensure full transparency and accuracy. All property boundaries should be surveyed and defined prior to purchase or sale.

  • Accurately document the position of the current occupation line of the property
  • Analyses of existing mapping and legal documentation
  • Outline clearly the discrepancies between the registered boundaries and the occupied boundaries
  • All boundary surveys are fully supported with a detail and comprehensive report compiled in house by the surveyors


Boundary Surveying

OBM advocate that all properties must be boundary surveyed before any vendor sells their property and any perspective buyer purchases. To ensure property is in the correct location on the ground and thus on the map, a thorough examination of titles/deeds and mapping is required. OBM are expert providers of Boundary Surveying with years of experience, find out more about our boundary surveying services below.

Legal Mapping

At OBM we pride ourselves on being Ireland’s foremost experts on boundary related issues. Dr. O’Brien has experience in academic research and vast experience in the practical nature of the issues and problems of Property Boundary Issues and Legal Mapping entail. Find out more about our legal mapping services below to see how we can assist you with any boundary or mapping queries.


If you think you have an issue on your property boundary of a legal mapping issue, please do not hesitate to contact Daragh.